Graham Wood / 8th November 2012

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Date for your diary

8th November 2012

Something a little different for the Scarlett Gallery this time. Appealing to those of you of course with any interest in lovely artwork but this one may appeal especially to the graphic designer in you.

There is a small company in London that goes by the name of Tomato. To anyone interested in the designers that influenced the modern graphic design world think of your Brownjohns, Olivers, Barnbooks; Tomato stands on a pedestal alongside these names.

One of the original founders of Tomato (and once upon a time resident of Sweden), Graham Wood will be once again stepping foot on our grounds to exhibit his latest creations.

He tells us that “All the work in the show stems from a moment of inspiration triggered by a Barney Bubbles poster made for Oz magazine in the 60s”.¬†We have seen what will be on show and can honestly say its an explosion of colour and detail that personifies mr Wood and his wealth of knowledge and influences.

One could chatter on about the work and man himself but instead why not pop down on the 8th November and experience the work and interact with the artist himself.