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Pure Evil – Nightmares

So the Pure Evil event has passed and for those of you who couldn't make it lets just say you missed a treat.

One can never be sure how many will turn up to a thing like this so there were a few nerves bobbling around between us and Pure Evil. We put him and his lovely lady up in a quaint one bedroom hotel on a roof surrounded by tomatoes and herbs. Donated to us by 100Hus, and where the event was to take place.

The evening started with the sun shining, beers and wine flowing and thank the gods, the gale force winds had died down. Pure Evil got to work on the first of his 4 canvas' of the night, JFK's nightmare. More people turned up, more beer got drunk and a lovely Liz Taylor (Richard Burton's nightmare) appeared before our eyes.

By this time the dark had set in and so a mad scramble for some make shift lighting resulted in a few borrowed industrial lamps from the neighbouring work area. Rain was in the air and we all knew it but we carried on and a beautiful Sharon Tate graced the next canvas. With fingers twitching and nerves jingle jangling Pure Evil got right onto the last canvas, and 10 minutes in the skies opened.

A frenzy of motion began, grab the sound system, save the wine from being watered down, grab the cans, canvas' and leg it on inside under some cover. Everyone piled inside to where we had predicted the turn of weather by setting out a few chairs and exisiting artwork and a huge Tower Of Bunnies banner that Pure produced eariler on.

This is where the final canvas was completed, a superb Roberto Rosellini's nightmare, Ingrid Bergman, a little salute to Sweden. With the work over Pure Evil could relax a little and the night just got better. People loved it, and at the end a free for all, grab a can and spray the walls proved an apt ending to the whole night.

Big thanks to Montana Colours for sending over some much appreciated cans and to Terrific wines for some Terrific wines, the Rosé was just lovely, the beers of course from Heineken kept people smiling and we cant forget our regulars from Vitamin Water offering the Non Alcoholic option.

And of course not a lot of this could have happened without our good friends at 100Hus, who gave us the great space and accomodation for this event. We have been fortunate enough to meet these guys who are as interested in what we are doing as we are.

The exhibition runs until the 15th October so pop along and take a look, its worth a visit.