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SIT – Haiiro Sushi

Well what a lovely lovely lovely show we had with SIT. We didnt really know what to expect, we had seen a little sneak of the pieces before the show and just from those we could feel a little something going on in our trousers.

The artwork arrived a couple of days before the artist and lay waiting on our studio table waiting to be opened. SIT arrived the day before the opening and laid out the pieces and what stood in front of us was a superb lesson in black and white acrylic artwork. Coming from a graphic background one could immediately understand the technique and lines used within the imagery. Produced especially for our modest space (SIT's work is usually a little larger than this) it sat on the walls resonating a powerful harmony between the black and white tones and a reflection of SIT's own experiences and imagination.

A little gap after the Scarlett tradition of creating screenprints with the artist meant that SIT had a some time to whip up a somewhat spur of the moment art piece that would adourne our studio door and since then touch wood will do so for the months to come.

He had a little something extra up his sleeve for the evening, a 4 minute long video that sat alongside the artwork that we projected onto the window and which by nightfall presented an eerie yet somewhat calming vision of what was to be found within the four walls.

As they do on evenings like this people wandered in and out but the gallery always seemed to be busy with a good flow of people admiring the work of this Dutch creative.

One will be able to view some of SIT's large scale work in the weeks to come over at our friends Subtopia. One piece was started but unfortunately the heavens opened and basically paint and water in this sense dont go together.

The show is still up in the gallery for the next coming weeks, just look for the large window projection and a large greyhound hanging around outside our doors. So pop in to take a look at this artists work first hand.

As usual a big thanks go out to our drinks sponsors who understand that great drink goes hand in hand with great art.

If you fancy a pricelist of SIT's work or any other info then just drop us a line:
I want some SIT