Seek them here, seek them there… The Scarlett Gallery is everywhere.

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Introducing the new Scarlett Gallery Satellite shows.


You may have noticed something a little different about our gallery space of late……well yeah ..… it’s a hairdressers! Confused? Let us explain.

After having resided in two charming Södermalm shop fronts, the gallery has decided to go ‘guerilla’ style and unleash ourselves from a permanent space. In Autumn 2013 the Scarlett begins operating as a ‘satellite’ gallery, enabling inspiring collaborations with city locations, establishments and other galleries to produce shows, installations and hopefully workshops etc.
Since the gallery was founded in 2011, we have encouraged collaboration events, for example the Pure Evil and ROA shows, both ‘satellite’ events, both fantastic!… so we think this is the way to go … get in, get out.

The Scarlett now has a great network in Stockholm, so the possibilities are really exciting. No change to the online print store, business as usual.

If you know of a fantastic space, a potential collaboration, we want to hear from you. 
Our first ‘Satellite’ event is a two week show opening early October, in collaboration with Konstart, Stockholm.

Stay tuned for the invite..