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Ed Hodgkinson | Editions

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The fantastic Ed Hodgkinson was in fact one of the first artists to show with us in Stockholm, way back in 2011 in a snowy December. His work is highly regarded worldwide and his 'editions' series has proved extremely popular.

The edition series prints can be custom ordered from a palette of 20 colours, a colour swatch  is available from us.

Each motif in the series will only be created in an edition of 25, no matter which colour. Once the motif (not colour) has been created 25 times, it will then be 'out of edition' and no longer available. This makes the series both unique and collectable!

If you are interested in ordering a print, please let us know the following:

- The Motif reference - each motif has a letter reference.
- The Colour reference number - refer to the swatch for a number. We do advise ordering the colour swatch first, so you can view the colours in the location (in the exact light) you wish to present the work. We will of course refund the swatch cost if a print is ordered. 

So, give us these two details and we will check the availability and edition number and let you know.
- 97cm x 75cm
- HahneMuhle German Etching 310g stock
- Supplied with 'signed + numbered' print plate from artist
- Free delivery within Sweden
- Framing available in Stockholm


Please give us a shout for more details.

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