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CROSSIE | Paradise Lost

May 2014 | Stockholm


In our second 'Satellite' show, again with our good friends Konstart, we invited London artist Lisa Uzzell Edwards a.k.a CROSSIE to show her new collection of works entitled 'Paradise Lost'. 
How best to describe Lisas work, hmmm well... beautiful, sublime, alluring, graceful, exquisite, elegant ... would all work but in her own words:
“...I’m currently in a continual flow of representing winged creatures of all kinds. I make no apologies for a particular obsession with butterflies, exploring them both as an iconic symbol and for their exquisitely fleeting natural fragility. I like to take notes from the circle of life, trying to capture a moment in time , a snapshot of a history that is fading in the sunlight.....when I imprint my butterflies and birds onto the the surface, it is given a second chance, a new voice. Although I love antiquity, I definitely get a slightly perverse pleasure out of ‘defacing’ it, like giving a grandparent a neon Mohican but then finding out that it suits them and they rather like it...” 
The show consisted of antique newspapers from the 1920's, antique musical scores, antique pages from books long forgotten, all revived and 'pimped up' with a fine art treatment that has now become known as the CROSSIE trademark.
We also managed to get Lisa out to Subtopia to add her permanent mark to the mural collection and we must say she was by far the best dressed street artist we've had out there so far!