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The Subtopia Murals

In the Winter of 2012, the gallery was faced with a problem.
We had invited the infamous urban artist ROA to Stockholm to create a show for us. ROA is known for his large scale murals and is regularly gifted City walls Worldwide to create them, but we were faced with a zero-tolerance Stockholm and few options, of which most were falling one by one.
We spread the word and well, the name Subtopia came up, again and again. To cut a long story short, ROA was invited by Subtopia to create a permanent mural, and since 2012 we have taken all our visiting artists to Subtopia to do the same.
Subtopia gathers creative people, artists, students, amateurs, young and old - everyone who wants to create and evolve. We highly recommend you take a visit, check out the outside gallery, have a coffee and say hello.


ROA at Subtopia
Shai Dahan at Subtopia
SIT at Subtopia
Pablo Delgado at Subtopia
    Crossie at Subtopia

ALIAS at Subtopia

Caro Pepe at Subtopia 
Thankyou Subtopia!