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Sidney Waerts | Haiiro Sushi

October 2012 | Stockholm

After working as a digital creative, Dutch artist Sit decided to stop this madness and go back to head and handcraft to slice away the fat, and since 2008 has produced series after series of outstanding mind-blowing artworks. In October 2012, we invited SIT to take over our small gallery gallery space on Södermannagatan. This he did with great effect, the gallery walls were adorned with a fantastic display of the artists mastery, giving an insight into the mind of this mysterious artist. Truly stunning work.

There was more to come though, the show also featured a looping window projection, stopping passers by in their tracks, engaging them in a moment of contemplation, which lets face it, is a difficult feat to achieve in todays World.
As well as the projection, Sit also created a large artwork especially for the outside of the building, which in essence was illegal at the time, but guess what, no complaints. 


As with all our visiting artists, Sit was invited out to Subtopia in Alby to produce a permanent mural, so well worth the visit. We also managed to create a Scarlett edition screen print with him too, so well worth checking the art store to see if any remain.