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October 2013 | Stockholm
As this was to be our first 'satellite' show, we decided to invite the London based Mexican artist Pablo Delgado to take over the cult Stockholm gallery space Konstart, which he of course did in his own inevitable way, by creating a conceptual hotel room experience entitled ‘Clean Inn’.

Pablo Delgado is already one of London’s best known street artists, is renowned for his miniature paste up scenes. His early work consisted of small doorways pasted onto the sidewalks of Whitechapel, East London. Soon, the paste ups began to incorporate detailed narrative scenes, meticulously depicting hosts of people, animals and objects in minutia around London. Each scene, on closer inspection, depicting a story.
Clean Inn invited viewers into Pablos World, and encouraged them to take part in the experience. The artworks became installations, representations of the hotel bed, bathroom, even the television looping disaster scenarios. Artworks included sealed envelopes, left at reception and even the bathroom toilet and washbasin.
Truly, a show to be experienced. Check the art store for show artworks. Don't forget to leave your keys at reception on the way out.