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SHAI DAHAN | Vice & Virtue

April 2012 | Stockholm
Shai started as a graffiti writer at age 14 whilst living in Los Angeles, California, and has always challenged himself to find new ways of creating public art. Now based in Boras, Sweden, he continues to develop new methods to combine his signature style of animals mixed with urban culture. The artist has taken part in multiple urban art projects Worldwide including New York, Los Angeles, Canada, Madrid and Sweden. 
In April 2012, Shai joined us to present his ‘Vice & Virtue’ show, ‘a symbolic alteration of Swedish Royal figures and sovereignty ripped apart by unbound graffiti impressions’. VICE being the ill-favored practice of graffiti whilst VIRTUE the adorned Royal narration.
The show was extremely well received in Stockholm and the vernissage attracted a great crowd.
We also managed to get Shai over to Subtopia, in Alby, to create a permanent mural, so well worth the visit out there to check it out.
Shai is a very pro-active artist, with numerous projects happening and being created constantly. We have collaborated with Shai Dahan on several occasions since his Stockholm show, and intend to do so in the future, so watch this space.