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CROWDED - Limited Edition Cycling Jersey

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The Scarlett Gallery have always had a passion for cycling and have even been known to take part in the odd sportive event now and again, so we are super proud to release this collaboration between ourselves, the talented artist SIT (aka Sidney Waerts) and the creators of cool cycling apparel Stolen Goat. 

SIT showed with us in Stockholm back in 2012, and we have kept in close touch and followed his work ever since. The artwork on the jersey entitled 'Crowded' is taken from an original SIT artwork from his TOODAY series, a beautiful melancholy collection of canvases produced in the artists signature style.

Obviously we wanted this jersey to be of the highest quality, so after a lot of consideration we got in touch with the good people at Stolen Goat, responsible for producing fantastic quality pro jerseys and decided together to collaborate on this limited edition cycling jersey.

The result is truly awesome and available online in the art store now.

Edition Size: 200
Price: 1.200sek

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