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We recently came across this cool app, so thought we'd share with you all.
Street Art Cities is a brand new streetart community that has the ambition to show all streetart of the world on a map.
In the beginning of 2017 a group of streetart fans started this crazy adventure, first in Heerlen, where the initial site was launched, later in Antwerp. That was the start of of joining streetart fans from all over the world, making them streetart ambassadors of their city.
By giving them acces to their own city site these locals could show the world all the beautifull streetart in their streets.
Next up was an app, the Street Art Cities app was born out of a prototype and is a universal app that uses the GPS location on your device to switch cities. For the moment you can discover 20 cities with like for example LA, Montreal, Melbourne, Berlin, Paris. More cities will be added on a regular base.
And all this for free.
So check out this platform or download the app here:
Want to join this community and represent your city? Hit 'em with a mail

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